Welcome to Word-for-Sense

Hi! My name is Talia. I see you’ve found my website. This space has evolved over the years, and past posts reflect that, but at present I write book reviews and nonfiction articles about fandom, philosophy, paganism, writing & social justice. These types of posts are released on Wednesdays. Outside of this space, I seek out opportunities and accept commissions for articles, editing fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, and translating from Spanish to English, so if that piques your interest hit up my contact page. Older posts will show you that during grad school I wrote many academic posts, and I have also written many posts on translation. While I do still translate and review works in translation, language is no longer my primary realm of study.

The content of individual posts flows pretty evenly between topics as I choose to write about them, touching on current events, solicitations from those who reach out with particular book recommendations, and what I happen to be interested in and involved with at the time, but my current ongoing series of posts is the Percy Jackson Project, where I am reading the Percy Jackson series for the first time as an adult.

Publications, Writing & Translation Samples

Also included on this website is a page where I list some places where my work has been published, along with internal pages to writing samples and Spanish to English translation samples. Some of the links lead to blog posts and some lead to static pages that contain the text from papers that I completed while still a student at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Recent Posts: